Download data by Reactome Root

Autophagy (R-HSA-9612973) Download
Cell Cycle (R-HSA-1640170) Download
Cell-Cell communication (R-HSA-1500931) Download
Cellular responses to stimuli (R-HSA-8953897) Download
Chromatin organization (R-HSA-4839726) Download
Circadian Clock (R-HSA-400253) Download
DNA Repair (R-HSA-73894) Download
DNA Replication (R-HSA-69306) Download
Developmental Biology (R-HSA-1266738) Download
Digestion and absorption (R-HSA-8963743) Download
Extracellular matrix organization (R-HSA-1474244) Download
Gene expression (Transcription) (R-HSA-74160) Download
Hemostasis (R-HSA-109582) Download
Immune System (R-HSA-168256) Download
Metabolism (R-HSA-1430728) Download
Metabolism of RNA (R-HSA-8953854) Download
Metabolism of proteins (R-HSA-392499) Download
Muscle contraction (R-HSA-397014) Download
Neuronal System (R-HSA-112316) Download
Organelle biogenesis and maintenance (R-HSA-1852241) Download
Programmed Cell Death (R-HSA-5357801) Download
Protein localization (R-HSA-9609507) Download
Reproduction (R-HSA-1474165) Download
Sensory Perception (R-HSA-9709957) Download
Signal Transduction (R-HSA-162582) Download
Transport of small molecules (R-HSA-382551) Download
Vesicle-mediated transport (R-HSA-5653656) Download

Download data by EC first level

EC1-Oxidoreductases Download
EC2-Transferases Download
EC3-Hydrolases Download
EC4-Lyases Download
EC5-Isomerases Download
EC6-Ligases Download
EC7-Translocases Download