Search summary (UniProt accession: P30530)

Number of enzymes: 1
Number of disease: 1
Number of reactomes: 1
Number of reactions: 4

Search results (UniProt accession: P30530)

DiseaseID Gene UniProt EC numbers Reactomes Expanded Reactomes Reactome roots Reactions
MONDO:0016996 AXL P30530 R-HSA-4420097 R-HSA-194138
Signal Transduction R-HSA-5218819 ( R-HSA-4420097 )
R-HSA-5357429 ( R-HSA-4420097 )
R-HSA-5357432 ( R-HSA-4420097 )
R-HSA-5357479 ( R-HSA-4420097 )