Search summary (Disease ID: MONDO:0009805)

Number of enzymes: 1
Number of disease: 1
Number of reactomes: 1
Number of reactions: 4

Search results (Disease ID: MONDO:0009805)

DiseaseID Gene UniProt EC numbers Reactomes Expanded Reactomes Reactome roots Reactions
MONDO:0009805 PPIB P23284 R-HSA-1650814 R-HSA-1474244
Extracellular matrix organization R-HSA-1980233 ( R-HSA-1650814 )
R-HSA-2022073 ( R-HSA-1650814 )
R-HSA-8948226 ( R-HSA-1650814 )
R-HSA-8948230 ( R-HSA-1650814 )